Africa House sacramento

A multicultural and community resource center

Join us to build a multicultural and community resource center in the spirit of Ubuntu – positive humanity and collective interests.

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October 21  

Second Annual Ubuntu Dinner Fundraiser

Second Annual Ubuntu Dinner Fundraiser
Ubuntu Fundraiser 2023

Our Vision and Purpose

Africa House is a multicultural and community resource center. To foster unity and mutual partnerships among various national, ethnic and affinity groups or organizations

To share the arts and culture of Africans and their Diaspora via educational, economic, health, social and civic activities.

To serve as a venue for community gatherings for healing, health & wellness, networking, peacemaking, socials, civic engagements, and cross-cultural/bilateral activities. 

To promote and showcase African, Caribbean, African American and other African cultures through the arts, artifacts, food and fashion, etc.

SPECIAL Events • News 

2nd Ubuntu-Community Dinner fundraiser

October 21, 2023, at the Pat O’Brien Community
Center, 8025 Waterman Rd., Sacramento CA 95829.
Time, 6-9pm.

Ubuntu Fundraiser 2023

Events • Programs • News 

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Sponsorship Opportunities and Packages

Sponsorship Opportunities and Packages

The sponsor level names are tiered based on the respective leading mineral producers in African countries, regions, cities, and towns: Botswana (Diamond) – $10,000+; Ashanti (Gold – Ghana) – $7,500 +; Khourigba (Silver – Morocco) – $5,000 +; Katanga (Bronze – Democratic Republic of the Congo) – $2,500 +;

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