About The Africa House

Our Mission

The Africa House is a nonprofit multicultural, community resources center.

The Center is dedicated to serving the needs and aspirations of her Africa Diaspora community as well as others through cultural education, economic development, family health and wellness, youth leadership and civic engagement and community service.

The Vision is to build a legacy for intergenerational growth and Africa/black cultural pride and sustainability.

Our Values

  • Healthy Family
  • Community Empowerment
  • Africentric renaissance
  • Multicultural relations/Diversity & Inclusion- Ubuntu Transparency
  • Collaboration

Key Programs

There will be educational and recreational programs, social services, and facilitation of networking, with both direct and referral resources, to improve people’s lives and conditions and empower their diverse community.

  • Bridging the gaps of culture(dialogues, language/culture lessons, arts, cultural/societal navigations/brokers, referrals, cross-cultural trips, etc.).
  • Cultural Celebrations and Affirmations(weddings, anniversaries, funerals, naming ceremonies, etc.)
  • Promoting Health & Wellness(dialogues, healing circles, spiritual, seminars/workshops, conflict resolution, recreational, etc.)
  • Youth Engagement (mentorship, leadership development, etc.,)
  • Civic Engagement: Advocacy, networking, partnerships and collaborations, representation, convenor, dissemination, community service, outreach, etc.
  • Promoting US-Africa/Caribbean relations and engagement.